More investment. More jobs. More choice.

Welcome to the exhibition of our Phase 3 proposals for Weymouth Gateway.

If successful, it will generate c.£10m of additional investment, year-round employment for
c.110 local people, greater retail choice and more reasons to visit and spend in Weymouth.

The story so far

Track record of investment & jobs for Weymouth

Since purchasing the two long-vacant, brownfield sites either side of Mercery Road, LondonMetric and Avercet have achieved several planning consents, paving the way for tens of millions of pounds of investment and the creation of hundreds of much-needed year-round jobs.

The proposals

Our successful regeneration of this site has delivered some 340 new jobs to date, along with a vibrant town gateway and visitor draw.

Planning consent for Phase 2 included another, 1,848m2 retail unit east of Dunelm (as indicated by the black dotted line in the plan above), plus a plot prepared for light industrial, storage/distribution or office use. There has been no interest from industrial or employment occupiers but there continues to be strong interest from big-name retailers and we are in late-stage talks with a prospective occupier for a final unit on the site.

So that we will be ready to deliver on this multi-million investment when it is confirmed, we are preparing a revised planning application for the remaining developable land on this site that meets the future needs of a major retailer and its customers.

Accordingly, our Phase 3 proposals are for:

    • A further high quality building containing two units totalling 3,980m2. which:
      • Involves re-siting and slightly extending the unbuilt unit already consented as part of Phase 2, and adding another
      • Is designed to achieve the BREEAM Very Good rating with a range of initiatives to limit energy use including PV panels on the roof
    • Soft landscaping with native planting and other ecological initiatives to increase biodiversity
    • 230 extra parking spaces including further EV charging points
    • Additional covered cycle racks

Numerous socio-economic benefits


Sustainable design

Energy efficient building design
In common with the buildings already constructed, the new building will achieve an energy efficiency far exceeding that required under building regulations through the use of high levels of insulation and the prevention of heat ‘leakage’ through the building fabric.

In addition, the use of roof-mounted PV panels will reduce the base electrical demand of the building.

Combined, these will help to achieve the BREEAM Very Good rating and will also exceed the requirements of the West Dorset, Weymouth and Portland Local Plan in terms of both carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption.

Sustainable drainage
The storm water drainage system installed during Phase 2 has been designed and constructed with capacity for Phase 3. It uses a combination of onsite storage, permeable paving and a balancing pond to limit surface water run-off to the nearby watercourse where it could otherwise contribute to flooding offsite.

The low-maintenance, wildlife-friendly planting strategy established in Phases 1 and 2 will be extended in Phase 3 to further enhance the appearance of the site, retain the existing woodland and increase biodiversity value.

The car park will be treated in the same manner as in Phase 2, with high quality trees and planting beds to provide a good quality environment and seasonal interest.

Hard landscaping
The external environment will comprise simple and robust materials, including:

  • Flag-paved walkways and building thresholds
  • Stainless steel bollards, hand rails and cycle hoops
  • Timber-topped metal frame benches and timber fencing
  • Timber acoustic barrier and landscaping extended along the new service yard to minimise noise impact



As with Phase 2, we recognise the sensitivity of the southern boundary of the site (backing onto the residential properties on Hetherley Road and St Andrews Avenue).

The original planning consent included a requirement for an effective noise barrier to service areas which comprised landscape features and acoustic fencing. The Phase 3 proposals will include a natural extension of this noise barrier.

External lighting
As with Phase 2, we recognise the need to have an External Lighting Strategy that avoids any significant increase of light onto neighbouring residential properties.

Measures include:

  • Lanterns fitted with backward lightspill shields to prevent glare
  • Light fittings on the car park, associated roads and floodlights with minimum luminous efficacy and colour rendering to reduce glow
  • Light fittings on signs and adverts that comply with best practice
  • Sensitive use of lighting in the service yard to the rear of the units: used only where required for safety and designed to throw light forward
  • 5-degree angling of column-mounted LED light

This strategy will provide light levels of 20 lux average – no more than the average level of moonlight. This will ensure we provide onsite safety whilst minimising lightspill onto the wider neighbourhood.


A Travel Plan will accompany the planning application. It will seek to reduce single occupant vehicle trips generated by the site and will be supported by the Phase 3 proposals through the provision of:

  • More covered cycle racks
  • More EV charging points
  • Key foot and cycle links from Mercery Road and Souter Way
  • Section 106 contribution towards local highway improvements

A Transport Assessment has concluded that the Phase 3 proposals will not have an adverse effect on the local highway network.

In Phase 2, we installed a community board on the site that is used by the Weymouth BID team to promote events and attractions in the town centre, providing the opportunity for local businesses to capitalise on the increased visitor draw created by the Weymouth Gateway Retail Park.

We are now exploring ways in which the Phase 3 development might strengthen links between the site, the Park & Ride and the town centre.

More investment. More choice. More jobs.

We hope you agree that these proposals will generate welcome benefits for Weymouth.

Your views and suggestions are important to us and will inform our planning application so please fill out our short feedback form before you click away.

Thank you for taking time to find out more about this project.